About Us

Access is an outpatient behavioral health clinic. We serve people of all communities and currently offer two locations in Boise and in Nampa. Our desire is to help improve the quality of daily life for our clients.

Access Behavioral Health Services is a for profit agency that serves the public without regard to race, creed, age, national origin, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, veteran status or inability to pay. The owners have been in the field of human services for a combined 30+ years. At Access we pride ourselves on providing best-practice client-centered services.

Staff Directory

We value our employees as they are the most important resource. Our employees are highly trained, supervised, and receive ongoing levels of support during their employment. We hire people from a wide range of backgrounds to meet the individualized needs of our patients. We are always seeking out new dynamic individuals to add to our treatment team. We strive to make Access Behavioral Health Services a welcoming place to work and we believe that is reflected in our employees attitudes towards their work.

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Photo of Randal Hallenberger
Randal Hallenberger
Director of Community Based Rehabilitation Services/Case Management Services ABHSCBRS/CM

I graduated from Boise State University in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. As an LSW, I spent the next decade plus facilitating mental health groups in a private agency and performing contracted crisis case management services for various homeless shelters. I have worked closely with the homeless population and other disenfranchised individuals to help promote healthy self-determination and growth. During this time, I was also able to develop my skills as a community-based worker and broaden my scope of understanding.  My goal has always been to aid individuals and families to meet the goals they have set for themselves.

I began working for Access Behavioral Health in 2017 where I started as a CBRS/CM provider and in 2018 I became a CBRS/CM supervisor.  As a community-based supervisor, I strive to help guide staff on how to address crisis situations, problem solve complex situations and work bring joy to those I interact with daily. Happiness is not overrated!

Photo of Daniel Hardin
Daniel Hardin
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor/LCPC ABHS BoiseMental Health Clinic

Daniel Hardin is a licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with a Masters of counseling degree from Idaho State university. He has experience with a diversity of Clients that includes a broad age range (8-70), various cultural perspectives (issues concerning integration into the dominant culture of southern Idaho), and sexual identities. His areas of expertise revolve around how spirituality affects mental heath and GLBT life/relationship issues. He has worked with clients that experience a wide spectrum of mental health issues. Dan is humanistic in his approach to clients. He uses a strength-based model to increase a client’s ability to cope with their issues an gain an improve experience of well-being. Dan is able to quickly establish rapport with clients due to his belief that all human beings should be treated with dignity and deserve respect.

Photo of Rebecca Heihn
Rebecca Heihn
Director of Respite Care for Youth with SED ABHS BoiseRespite

Rebecca earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor’s of Science in Theatre in 2007 from Easter Oregon University. Rebecca began working for ABHS in 2012 as a CBRS. She worked in administration for a while doing referrals and other duties. In 2015 Rebecca received her certification in Habilitative Intervention and began working for the DDA at ABHS. In the Spring of 2018 Rebecca was promoted to Direct the Respite for Youth with SED Program. Rebecca is an advocate for all people being able to receive the support they need to be healthy, happy and to continue to grow as individuals.

Photo of David Horras
David Horras
Licensed Professional Counselor/LPC ABHS Boise and NampaMental Health Clinic

David is a Licensed Professional Counselor. He graduated from Boise State University with a Masters of Counseling Degree. His personal approach is based on an Existential framework, it is a humanistic worldview with the importance of searching to be truly authentic and genuine. He embraces counseling with the assumption that every person has a unique inner world and it is how we deal with challenges makes us who we are. David focuses on developing awareness, assets, promoting a rational thought process and finding personal balance. His style is semi-directive, positive, honest, and easygoing. David is passionate about social justice issues, the healing role environment plays in our lives, and ways to find peace daily. When not counseling, David finds time to run, enjoy the outdoors, travel, watch live music, ride his cruiser, and taking in a flick.