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Access is an outpatient behavioral health clinic. We serve people of all communities and currently offer two locations in Boise and in Nampa. Our desire is to help improve the quality of daily life for our clients.

Access Behavioral Health Services is a for profit agency that serves the public without regard to race, creed, age, national origin, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, veteran status or inability to pay. The owners have been in the field of human services for a combined 30+ years. At Access we pride ourselves on providing best-practice client-centered services.

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We value our employees as they are the most important resource. Our employees are highly trained, supervised, and receive ongoing levels of support during their employment. We hire people from a wide range of backgrounds to meet the individualized needs of our patients. We are always seeking out new dynamic individuals to add to our treatment team. We strive to make Access Behavioral Health Services a welcoming place to work and we believe that is reflected in our employees attitudes towards their work.

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Photo of Cheryl Botting-Hammack
Cheryl Botting-Hammack
Ph.D. Service Extender ABHSMental Health Clinic

Dr. Cheryl Botting-Hammack has a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology. Through the years she has provided therapeutic services to clients of various ages and backgrounds.  This work has included individual and family therapy, group therapy, assessments and evaluations, psychological testing, and therapeutic consultation and education to other professionals.

Dr. Botting-Hammack values the importance of using evidence-based practices, while establishing supportive, motivational, and culturally competent therapeutic relationships, ensuring an atmosphere of safety, security, and responsive care.  She approaches therapy from a cognitive-behavioral background that is goal-oriented in nature and attempts to reverse or replace a person’s negative thinking patterns in the interest of addressing the negative emotions and maladaptive behaviors that result from those very thinking patterns.  Her approach is genuine and person centered in an effort to acquire skills for a healthy, well-adjusted life as this approach is marked by collaboration, and clients are encouraged to take an active role in applying the techniques both within and between therapy sessions.

Dr. Botting-Hammack’s most recent focus has been in the field of autism with her recent publication of work involving video modeling and socialization skills for adolescent males diagnosed with autism.  When not working, she and her husband are busy running a small farm and spending time with her son and daughter-in-law.