Upcoming Services

Access Behavioral Health would like to announce upcoming additions to the array of services currently offered. We will be opening a Peer to Peer Supports program which is also known as the Bridger Program, expected to open in March 2014. The program provides additional support by a Certified Peer Specialist who has experienced the recovery process and would now like to help others in their own recovery. Participants can begin this service by either a referral by our clinicians or a referral from Optum Idaho when a participant is hospitalized. Services can start for a participant while in the hospital and continue throughout the transition to the community.

Peer Supports Program

Access Behavioral Health Services’ Peer Support Program will provide community-based peer-to-peer support to individuals in their recovery process.  This support will be provided by Certified Peer Specialists, these are individuals that have experienced mental health problems and/or addiction problems and recovery.

With the addition of the Peer Support Program individuals will have access to additional supports to assist them in their resiliency and recovery.  Peer supports will be able to provide mentoring, education and encouragement in a manner that is delivered by someone who has experienced the challenges facing individuals with a psychosocial disability and been able to achieve recovery.


Family Supports Program

Access Behavioral Health Services’ Family Supports Program will provide assistance to parents of children with a psychosocial disability.  This support is provided by a Certified Family Support Specialist (CFSS) who has a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, and certification as a Family Support.  Each CFSS is a parent of a child that has emotional or physical disabilities.

The role of the CFSS is to coach and support parents as they learn how to advocate and help their children develop mental well-being.  They assist with developing a plan to address the families’ concerns and priorities, access services and supports, and develop strategies to address challenges that they and their child face.