NAMI Idaho

NAMI Website
NAMI Idaho was organized as the state organization of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) to serve those impacted by mental illness in the state of Idaho. Pursuant to its Bylaws, NAMI Idaho will:

1. Serve as the Idaho state organization chartered by NAMI;

2. Agree to endorse the mission, values and policies of NAMI;

3. Develop statewide positions on issues relating to mental illness and advocate for such positions at the state level;
4. Assist in the coordination of local, state and national mental health advocacy efforts;

5. Serve as a conduit in communicating NAMI and NAMI Idaho issues to the local community-based NAMI Affiliates in Idaho (hereinafter referred to as “Affiliates”) and in communicating NAMI Idaho and Affiliate issues to NAMI;

6. Monitor and keep the Affiliates informed of the activities of state agencies relating to mental illness issues;

7. Assist in the formation, growth and/or development of Affiliates in Idaho;

8. Support Affiliates by providing training, support and technical assistance for the delivery of NAMI signature programs and other educational, support and advocacy programs;

9. Promote the understanding of mental illness as a neurobiological disease through public education and community involvement and thereby assist in decreasing the stigma related to mental illness;

10. Advocate for the timely and effective delivery of services for Idaho residents affected by mental illness;

11. Promote the process of recovery and the integration of persons living with mental illness into the community and into appropriate employment and/or community service placements; and

12. Conduct fund raising activities in support of the above activities.

We hope this website will help you learn more about NAMI Idaho and our efforts to improve the quality of life for persons living with mental illness and for their families and friends.